2020-2021 LTA Executive

Tanya Kerr

Email: president@langleyteachers.com

Darren Storsley

Vice President (released 60%)
Email: vp2@langleyteachers.com

Graham Esplen

Vice President (released 100%)
Email: vp@langleyteachers.com

Ellen Bornowsky

Vice President (released 40%)
Email: vp3@langleyteachers.com

Email: mail@langleyteachers.com to contact any member of the Executive listed below

Secretary – Chandra Carlson
Treasurer – Jessica Sutlow
Local BCTF Reps – Christa Barberis, Nicole DeCambra, Laurence Greeff
Members at Large – Nicole Francis, Ashley Kunze, Melissa Lonneberg, Kylie Mantei
Standing Committees:
Aboriginal Education – Jean Moir
Adult Education – Richard Obayashi and Neha Bharadwaj
Communications – Arthur Glauser
Early Career/TTOC – Wendy Cook
Education Change & Assessment – Taylor Fauteux
French Educator – Martine Lavoie
Health & Safety – Diane Courtney
Professional Development – Pam Haugland
Social Justice – Vacant
Working & Learning Conditions – Shannon Spence